Food for Thought: Redux

I have been criticized for blogging unintelligibly long sentences and stuffing links in my posts like Mohammed Bello Abubakar did his 130 brides. I have since decided on shorter sentences (as a self-imposed discipline rather than kowtowing to advocates of the lowest common denominator and Flesch–Kincaid suck-ups). As for linking, that's another matter.

Consider: One link could be an entry point to build understanding, while another a nugget to be squirrelled away for later consumption.  While hyperlinks are commonly used for navigation, cross-referencing and linking to sources, they can also provide social validation for a weak or shaky position, improve page rank for the SEO inclined, or draw the attention of man or machineto promulgate your content.

I concede, my seemingly gratuitous and random use of embedded links (whether in their number or not-so-obvious association) could be a distraction. What can I tell you? I'm incurable.

To silence my critics I am legitimizing my linking behavior by declaring it an actual—nay, advanced—blogging technique: "Blinking." But wait, there's more...

To assuage the easily sidetracked and sufferers of the recently identified condition "Blinking Fatigue," I have developed a new approach to linking exclusively for this site: "Squinting."  Tossing hyperlinking and usability norms aside, Squinting enhances Blinking by making hyperlinks links less obvious, color blind and undressed.

It should be noted, there are possible drawbacks to my approach to prolific linking. Just as the mighty mufti outlived many of his children, so too can a post survive its links. Mohammed Bello Abubakar also dumped a wife or two (or three, or four and then some) reminding me that many links aren't that useful a second time around.  But we'll deal with link rot and rotten content on another day. In the meantime Baba, you ol' rabbit yourest in peace. You earned it.

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